Frequently asked questions

How many walks will my dog recieve per day?

During peak season the minimum of walks will be twice per day, however every kennel has am ajoining run, which is accessible for the entirety of the day through a hatch. During the warmer months the hatches are open all day and night, but in the colder months the hatches are closed during the night. We also have 4 large play runs, where every dog will have a chance away from their kennel surrounding.

When Can I pick drop off and pick up my dog?

The drop-off/pick-up times are as follows:- Mon - Sat between 10am-12pm, 1pm-3pm Sunday between 10am-12pm only. If you require an alternative time outside these hours, please pre-arrange this with a member of staff when booking or as close to your boarding date as possible.

Am I allowed to bring my own dogs bedding and toys?

Yes of course, we believe our kennels should be a home from home for your dogs, so anything to make your dog feel more comfortable is a great idea. Please note we are not able to accept large bedding, as they may need to be washed and will not fit into our domestic sized washing machine.

Do your Kennels have CCTV?

Yes, we have recently invested in a brand new CCTV system giving you piece of mind that your beloved dogs are safe and secure.

Am I allowed to view the kennels prior to booking?

Yes, we encourage all new customers to come and visit the kennels prior to booking. This allows to come and look at our amazing facilities and is a good opportunity for you to meet our helpful staff and ask any further questions you may have. Please Note: You must bring photographic ID. No appointment is necessary, but all that we ask is that you come at the following times: Mon - Sat betwen 10am-12pm, 1pm-3pm, Sunday between 10am-12pm.

Are the dogs mixed during walking times from other households?

No, we do not mix dogs from other households, as it allows us to give greater personal care and playtime with your dog. This is our favourite time, so we like to enjoy it as much as they do!!!

Do you take all breeds of dogs?

Yes, we do. If your dog is tempermental or is likely to be nervous, then please mention this when booking, as we will have to put your dog into a kennel that will be more suitable for its needs.

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