Villeneuve Retail Park and KIGO

1 Mar 2017

A new commercial center of 19'000 m2, heated and cooled by KIGO climate panels. This makes also economical sense.


To renovate entirely a commercial center, to transform it in a place attractive to consumers, is an important operation. Each Swiss Franc invested is important. The owner - Procimmo Swiss Commercial Fund – chose KIGO climate panels to assure heating and cooling of the almost complete surface of the site. Our expertise in large commercial centers allowed us to meet all requirements expressed by the client.


We quickly demonstrated that KIGO:

1. Is a durable solution, advantageous in all aspects.

2. Creates a nice feeling of heat and coolness in a large and busy area.

3. Provides a cost-effective solution with energy and maintenance costs drastically inferior to traditional HVAC and fans.


Since the beginning of 2017, Villeneuve Retail Park offers a pleasant shopping environment with 12 stores from National and International high-quality brands. We are proud to be a partner in that successful venture.



Contact: Wolfgang Thiele



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